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Virtual Assistant FAQ's


I’m concerned about confidentiality

We completely understand. As a professional and established Virtual Assistant company, confidentiality is naturally part of our day-to-day work. Our terms & conditions document is a two-way contract which does include and binds us to a confidentiality clause.


How can you manage staffing levels if you offer such an ad-hoc service?

We have built up a network of trusted specialists/professional freelancers who we can call on as and when we need them. If we ever feel that we can’t deliver on a project due to resourcing, we won’t take it on.


How does payment work?

We require a 50% up front payment on acceptance of the task. The remaining 50% is invoiced when all parties agree the work is completed.


Do we have a contract in place?

We ask you to agree to our terms & conditions on acceptance of the task. This will not tie you into using our virtual assistant services for any amount of time. You can use us as and when you need us.


What sort of work do you do for your clients?

All sorts! Our services page covers the regular work we carry out, but we’re willing to consider most work that we have the skills to take on. We love a challenge! Give us a call and we’ll do our best to solve your problem.


With all the VAs out there, why would I choose you?
This is the question I was asked again this week. It's a question that is asked of me by my mentors on a regular basis. So this time I decided to share my reply with you.

You’ve probably heard about people using a Virtual Assistant or Virtual PA. You may have thought about it yourself but felt a little unsure about whether it’s right for you.  Or you may have a VA already and it's not working for you. 

I would like to share with you the top ten reasons that Viva Business and Lifestyle services are so popular with our clients:

    1.  No tie ins – the greatest reason to try a VA is that there are no ties-ins. We know you’ll love working with us but if
         not, you’re free to leave at any time.

    2. We only charge in 5 minute increments for work – you’ll be hard pushed to find anyone else who doesn’t charge
        in 10 or 15 minute blocks, all of which add up over a year.    

    3. Our VAs are handpicked and work at executive level – qualified and experienced, we offer far more than basic
        admin support.     

    4. Flexibility – maybe you need 3 hours help this week, 15 minutes next week and 20 hours the week after that . It’s
        no problem at all - flexibility is our passion.

    5. The more you use us, the cheaper it gets – great deals for those who need more support each month.

    6. Dedicated service – we’re only as good as our recommendations so we want to do a great job every time to keep
        you (and others) coming back for more.

    7. No more paying for coffee or toilet breaks - the clock stops as soon as we finish working. Breaks are on our time
        not yours.

    8. Access to a whole team of experts – your assigned VA can call upon the whole team for additional skills that you
        might need. From copywriting to spreadsheet design, we have the expertise on our team.

    9. A second VA trained up so that they can cover if your VA has any holiday or sickness. There’s no cost to you for
        handovers – just seamless cover in place when needed.

    10. Finally a money back guarantee. We’ve never had to use it yet as our clients have been delighted but just to
          reassure you further, our work is covered by this guarantee for total peace of mind. 

So ten fantastic reasons why using a virtual assistant could save you both money and time, we’re sure you’ll agree. Still got questions? We’d love to answer them – call 01244 350341 or email  to speak to us today.


Do I have a VA assigned to me?

Yes, as a main contact. Sometimes we need to pull in another VA if your assigned VA is on holiday or if a different skill set is required. Sarah oversees everything and ensures any handover is thoroughly completed.


What are Vi-VA’s turnaround times?

Usually 2 business days, unless you ask us to carry out a large or ongoing task. If a task is more urgent, we’ll do our best to turn it around sooner.


Which geographical areas do you cover?

Although we are based in Chester, Cheshire however by working virtually, we can service businesses right across the UK.


Will you come into our office to carry out work?

We mostly work as a virtual office service.  However if you live in or near the Chester area, it may be possible for us to work in your office.  Mileage charges and travelling time will however apply.


How long have you been established?

We have been offering Virtual Assistant services since 2007.  We’ve also offered lifestyle services since 2005.


How does a virtual assistant service work?

Call or email us, tell us what you would like help with and we’ll give you a quote. Either pay for each project according to the hours it takes or buy a block of hours in advance.


Who uses a VA?

Predominantly entrepreneurs and startups. Any business experiencing increased volumes of work or who don’t need to hire a permanent member of staff and would rather use a virtual office than pay rent on a building.


Is there an incentive for recommending new clients?

Yes.  Word of mouth recommendation is the most valuable source of new clients for us and we are delighted that clients are so happy with the service that they are confident to recommend us.  


What happens if I’m not happy with the service?

We hope this will never happen, but if it does we would really appreciate you letting us know and giving us an opportunity to rectify the problem.