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Digital Declutter

If you find that your electronic files are all over the place - disorganised filing systems, duplicate photos, files spread across multiple PCs - we can help get you super-organised!

Is your digital life out of control?

You might be familiar with decluttering your house or your office but have you stopped to think about your digital life? It’s well known that computers (just like us) slow down with age; drives get clogged up with forgotten and unused folders, file fragments, and duplicated data.

Streamlining your digital correspondence

Is your email account nearly full?  Do you struggle to keep on top of your emails or can’t find the important ones among the rest? Vi-VA can set up filters, labels and rules within your email client, to organise your mail as it arrives, resulting in a manageable inbox. We can unsubscribe from unwanted mail, re-organise your contacts, clean up RSS feeds or even clear out old email folders, saving what you need to keep into your document filing system.

Welcome to the cloud!

These days the cloud is where it’s at – secure storage, accessible from wherever you are and guaranteed to take away the fear of losing everything you’ve saved. We’re passionate about it and want you to be too.

Have you ever upgraded your computer but you’ve no idea how to move everything you need from your old one? With the cloud, you need never worry again as everything is there for you to access straight away.


Digital filing

Is your computer filing system overwhelming? Do you have multiple duplicates of photos, but can’t find the photo you need? Vi-VA can devise a complete electronic document management system, standardise file names, remove duplicate and temporary files – whatever suits your needs. The result will be easy to navigate, so you can find the document you want when you want it. 

We can also set up an online filing system, to free up space on your devices and enable file sharing, so that one file can be updated by multiple users, avoiding duplication.

Have you got secure storage for all your essential information?

If you’ve ever lost your data, you’ll know that awful feeling of rising panic as you realise nothing was backed up. Your latest CV, letters to the bank, the photos of your children on holiday and even the AGM minutes you were supposed to be sending out to your school PTA members are all gone and you’re not sure if you’ll be able to get anything back.

Contact us today

Would you like to get a handle on your digital files, media, email, passwords and diary - but don't know where to start?

Vi-VA can declutter your digital life, so you know what you have and where it is.

Contact us today [email protected] to make sure everything you need and use is properly stored and secure.

Get organised now

Sarah Rugg

Book a call with Sarah to find out how Vi-VA can support your business growth.


Sarah and the team have been a real help with our whole debt management and accounts process. They went through the old process and step by step improved all aspects of it. They handle all areas of it for us, from initial client calls, to reminder letters and all the way through. They have improved our collection rates significantly, and have a professional and positive approach which is reassuring and very important for us. Their involvement has meant what can be a tricky area is now efficiently run and we don’t keep having to check how things are going, it just gets done properly.

Daniel Maycock Daniel Maycock

I am a delighted customer of Vi-VA. The really important thing they do is save me time, so I can concentrate on what I’m best at, which helps me grow my business. I find the team Sarah provides me with takes great initiative and of an excellent calibre, they are also of a high professional standard. I highly recommend hiring the team at Vi-VA to help grow your business.

Gavin Preston
Performance Accelerator