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Have you got something to say, but lost for words?

These days, what you say and how you say it can mean the difference between making yourself heard and fading into the background. But if you’re not much of a writer, getting your copy just right can be daunting, not to mention unnecessarily time consuming!

Your words in our hands                    

Our team has years of experience of putting together hard working copy, from blog posts and SEO led website content to informative newsletters and attention grabbing sales material.

Speaking to your audience              

At Vi-VA we take the time to really understand your audience – what makes them tick, what they’re looking for and what they need to know. Getting this right means your message will really resonate with the people you’re trying to reach.

Make your business the one that stands out in the crowd –
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Sarah Rugg

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Vi-va’s Antonia Goodall has been the secret weapon in my business [Mary Murtagh Media] for the last three years. I appointed Vi-VA Business & Lifestyle after getting a recommendation after putting a shout out on LinkedIn from someone who used to work for them. I wasn’t disappointed. Vi-va have been professional, ultra-competent and exceeded my expectations. The PA they paired me with is a superstar. Antonia is now my office manager but is pretty much my right hand woman in the business. She makes (sometimes difficult, and often tedious) marketing calls, chases invoices, acts as the ‘public face’ of my business with clients, answers phone calls, organises my workshops from start to finish, keeps my website up to date, acts as a reminder for things I’ve forgotten and helps to keep my company well run. Her hard work and professionalism have brought in thousands of pounds worth of new business for me via her charming but persistent manner on the phone and on email. She charms new clients and makes sure they pay up when they’re supposed to. She’s invaluable. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

Mary Murtagh Mary Murtagh
Mary Murtagh Media

Vi-VA were recommended to me by another small business owner. The joy of the service is that they are there exactly when you want them and they have provided extra capacity and support for me when things have been frantic.
By providing me with admin assistance, they allowed me to concentrate on my business’s key areas and fee generating work, confident that they were carrying out work to the high standards I require, but without having to worry about the hassle and paperwork of employing someone on a temporary basis.
Their work was promptly delivered and accurate. The capability of their assistants ensured they were excellent value for money as they took less time than it probably would have taken me!

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