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"Vi-VA have been helping Maltby's with chasing late invoices and it has been worth its weight in gold. We have payments coming in much more quickly making our business more efficient. Vi-VA have taken a time consuming task off my hands especially as it was a job I didn't relish much! Now I know it gets done professionally and efficiently." - Sally Maltby, Maltby's of Chester

Sarah Cross from Uber and Code Beautiful

Lesley Spellman from The Clutter Fairy

I just wanted to let you know how fantastically well Antonia has undertaken my arrangements. I’ve been impressed with her accuracy, completion and speed of response. Outstanding.

North Wales

Cathy and Amie have been fantastic. They have both been very professional, efficient and certainly helped us with the current workload. I am sure we will need your company’s services again in the near future.

MD, Inventya Ltd

I am a delighted customer of Vi-VA. The really important thing they do is save me time, so I can concentrate on what I’m best at, which helps me grow my business. I find the team Sarah provides me with takes great initiative and of an excellent calibre, they are also of a high professional standard. I highly recommend hiring the team at Vi-VA to help grow your business.

Performance Accelerator

Sarah and the team have been a real help with our whole debt management and accounts process. They went through the old process and step by step improved all aspects of it. They handle all areas of it for us, from initial client calls, to reminder letters and all the way through. They have improved our collection rates significantly, and have a professional and positive approach which is reassuring and very important for us. Their involvement has meant what can be a tricky area is now efficiently run and we don’t keep having to check how things are going, it just gets done properly.


Allison’s expertise in HR is invaluable. She has a wide range of practical experience and a thorough theoretical knowledge of legal issues. In conversation she makes complex issues accessible and straightforward. I would recommend her services to any company in need of HR advice.

Still Much to Offer

I’ve used VAs for about 4 years now, but I’ve never seen such a wide range of skills that Vi-VA offers. I know my business thrives when I outsource the stuff that takes too much of my time – I’ve proven it time and again. I use Vi-VA because their VAs are top-notch and will turn their hand to far more than just typing and answering phones. Sarah is bold, innovative and trustworthy. With her company Vi-VA, she offers an impressive and professional range of services for small businesses. She serves her clients with customer service that is second to none and her team of experts seem to follow her lead.

Coaching Mums

Marion was my secretary at Chester Royal Infirmary and subsequently the Countess of Chester Hospital from 1987 to 2003 and also my private secretary at the Grosvenor Nuffield Hospital from 1997 to May 2011 when I retired from private practice. Throughout this time she has been the most efficient and punctilious secretary I have ever worked with. Her organisational skills are in the very first rank and her typing faultless. In addition to this she has an excellent manner, is unfailingly polite and has always got on well with patients and colleagues alike.

Consultant Otolaryngologist

Vi-VA were recommended to me by another small business owner. The joy of the service is that they are there exactly when you want them and they have provided extra capacity and support for me when things have been frantic.
By providing me with admin assistance, they allowed me to concentrate on my business’s key areas and fee generating work, confident that they were carrying out work to the high standards I require, but without having to worry about the hassle and paperwork of employing someone on a temporary basis.
Their work was promptly delivered and accurate. The capability of their assistants ensured they were excellent value for money as they took less time than it probably would have taken me!

Meritas Marketing

Totally reliable, accurate, ‘right first time’ work – and great people to work with.

CLS Europe

Vi-VA provide an invaluable service and get the job done very quickly and professionally. Huge thanks to the whole team.

NHS Workforce Review Team

Testimonial I’ve returned again and again to Sarah and her team. I’ve found their services always professional and on time. Sarah will help us out if I need help in the last moment and has been very accommodating with us throughout the time we have worked together. I would recommend Sarah and her team to anyone looking for good results from a virtual office team. We first used Vi-VA as we needed help at the last minute and did not have the resource available at the time to provide the work needed. Vi-VA are always organised, diligent and helped us to get the work we needed done quickly. They are very efficient, trust worthy and get the job done!


uber have worked with the team at Vi-VA Business & Lifestyle for quite some time now. We are a fast growing business, quite often with tight client deadlines to meet, therefore using Vi-VA for admin as well as marketing support has been extremely helpful in our fire fighting phase! We know that we can provide Sarah and the team with a project and not worry about them delivering on time or to the standard our clients require. Vi-VA have helped us with copy writing, partner sourcing, data check and entry as well as being a professional overflow for inbound calls and email requests. We will no doubt continue to use their services.

Uber And Code Beautiful

As a small business, having the flexibility to use a virtual assistant is invaluable, especially when deadlines are tight. I’d happily recommend Vi-VA to anybody for their responsiveness, professionalism and versatility.

Clearbox Consulting

Thank you for providing us with professional and capable VAs. They proved to be an asset to our team at a time when we needed the additional support to manage our increased workload. They slotted straight into our existing team and we found their service to be invaluable!

Greycoat Law

I did not know where to start – 3 years of domestic and work email saved in my inbox—important contacts and attachments but the inbox was full and I had no system. Then I discovered Vi–VA. They actually can work with you and declutter your lap top and emails. A brilliant service! I am now all sorted out thanks to Sarah and Rachael – I could not have done this myself -absolutely marvellous. My business is back on top again. Thanks so much.

Price Jones Ltd

I trust Antonia and Vi-VA Business & Lifestyle with some really important tasks. Whenever I need that extra level of detail put into working through complex travel arrangements, I drop Antonia an email and know that mountains will be moved to make it happen. It’s the speed, efficiency, accuracy and kindness in the service that I value most.

Andrew Griff-Owen